PM Narendra Modi Reaches Leh for inspection

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PM Narendra Modi

After the violent clash between the Indian Army and PLA ( Chinese Army ) on the night of 15th June 2020, where 20 Indian soldiers sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty of India, while 40+ Chinese Soldier’s got killed in the brutal attack, the tension between two borders have grown extensively.

Pm Narendra Modi was seen motivating the jawans amid the border tension with China. PM with his words gave a morale boost to all the soldiers ready for any action to be taken place.

“It is not only me but the whole country has trust in you. The bravery of the 14 Corps will be talked about everywhere and the tales of your bravery will echo in each house. The world has seen your bravery,” PM said.

“The bravery and dedication you show are not lesser than anyone else in the world. At the position where you are, no one in the world can compete with that. Your courage is higher than the heights where you are posted today,” the PM said.

“The spirit of Atma Nirbhar Bharat is strengthened because of your sacrifice and dedication is strengthened. The bravery that you have shown is there for the world to see,” PM said.

The soldiers are ready to sacrifices whatever it takes to protect the sovereignty of India, even the whole country is standing with the Indian army and the current BJP government.

Not only India but many other countries are standing with India at this difficult time of pandemic with increasing border tension. India has always maintained a proper communication link with china, but china’s attitude towards other countries, stops them to have a hotline with India to which it shares thousands of KM long borders.

In our view, Talk & only negotiations can help the situation to get stabilized, but at the same time, China should owe up to its deed’s and understand the importance of freedom and communication with other nations.

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