Poem On Colors

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I woul’d like to present you a poem on colors. Hope, y’all will like it

Yellow is a lemon, yellow is a wing, Yellow is the color of flowers in the spring.

Brown is chocolate, brown is my hair, Brown is the color of my teddy bear.

Pink is cotton candy, pink is a rose, Pink is the color of a bunny’s nose.

Blue is the ocean, blue is my eye, Blue is the color of my summer sky.

Green is the Christmas tree, green is a
pickle, Green is the color of a lime popsicle.

Orange is a pumpkin, orange is basketball, Orange is the color of leaves in the fall.

Red is a stop sign, red is a berry, Red is the color of a ripe strawberry.

Purple is a pansy, purple is a plum, Purple is the color of the grape bubblegum.

Black is licorice, black is a bat, Black is the color of a witch’s hat.

White is a snowball, white is a star, White is the color of sugar in a jar.

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