POK: Gilgit – Baltistan

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POK: Gilgit – Baltistan

POK: Gilgit – Baltistan: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has announced that his government will temporarily extend the deadline for Gilgit-Baltistan province. If the same happens, Gilgit – Baltistan will become Pakistan’s fifth largest province. Gilgit-Baltistan is the northernmost region of Pakistan, providing the only local border in the country and a global route with China.

Gilgit – Baltistan is bordered by Afghanistan to the west, Kashmir to the south by Pakistan, and J&K to the east. The Gilgit – Baltistan position in the province has accelerated over the past year. Although Pakistan has tied the Gilgit – Baltistan task to Kashmir, its administrative arrangements are in stark contrast. While the POK has its own constitution that dictates its powers and limitations towards Pakistan, the Gilgit – Baltistan is largely controlled by the chief executive. While India opposes plans to turn G-Bin into a province of Pakistan, there is a perception that it is not possible to change the map now, despite previously insisting that Gilgit – Baltistan will be controlled. The Gilgit – Baltistan people have been wanting to be part of Pakistan for many years, including constitutional rights. Most of the 1.5 million residents estimated by Gilgit – Baltistan are Shia.

Transfer of Power

Hari Singh leased Gilgit to the British in 1935. The British returned it in August 1947. Hari Singh sent his representative Brigadier Ghansar Singh as governor and Brown to lead the Gilgit Scouts. A small force raised by the British to defend Gilgit, led by its commander Major William Alexander Brown, revolted. The Gilgit Scouts later came to control Baltistan. Pakistan did not accept Gilgit – Baltistan entry despite taking local control. He hopes that the same referendum that he had imagined would take place in Kashmir.

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