PUBG Mobile to launch new map.

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Pubg mobile – The map is smaller than Sanhok, which is currently the smallest map provided for non-beta users

– The game also offers two new guns within the map, an MK12 rifle and a P90 submachine rifle

Pubg Mobile is undoubtedly one of the most popular Battle Royale games available on the market. The title’s ability to provide gameplay compared to the console and PC version is why it has reached such popularity. Now, developers are targeting specific audiences using Pubg Mobile.

Recently, Pubg announced a new map of the battlefield system. The new map will be called Livik and is based in the Nordic regions. The important thing to note is that this new game is a new battle mode. According to FAQs answered by game developers, the new map will arrive in the second half of this year. There is nothing specific about the start-up trunk.
The map is smaller than Sanhok, which is currently the smallest map provided. Livik measures two kilometers by two kilometers in size. A small game involves a very small number of players per game. The new map only allows 40 players.

The game also offers two new rifles within the map, an MK12 rifle rifle and a P90 submachine rifle. The developers say the new weapons will fit well with the smaller play area and will also enhance the shooting experience. As well as new weapons, there is a new attachment, the Barrel Extender, which will increase the weapon’s range. Monster trucks will appear on this new map that will have better endurance and ability to work in difficult terrain.

Depending on the location, there are active streams and even water flow. The map will have hot springs, volcanoes, and snow-covered mountains. Livia was available for beta game testers, without this name. The developers also described how the new waterworks. They said, “Players can even bathe in a rapid flow of water while standing on the river.

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