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Flow of Presentation

  • Introduction
  • Problem Statement
  • Description
  • Implementation
  • Discussion
  • Conclusion


  • THE online PUC portal is a web application developed on Java technology, Spring framework, and Hibernate. The web application provides the users a platform to get their pollution under control certificate (PUC) online by entering the measurements such as the Concentration of Carbon mono-oxide in-vehicle Concentration of Carbon mono-oxide in the vehicle.
  • We have designed and implemented an online portal where users can get their PUC certificate by entering all the credentials and create their PUC certificate quickly.

Problem Statement

  • Pollution and especially air pollution have always been a serious threat to the environment. One of the very important factors responsible for air pollution is the emission of gases from vehicles such as CO which degrades the environment. PUC check helps to curtail the number of harmful gases emitted by the vehicles, but nowadays this system is not working accurately except at petrol pumps.
  • With the help of this system the random PUC checking, less awareness about PUC can be avoided and the process will be very efficient with the correct amount of data in the portal.


• The web application provides the Users a platform to get their pollution under control certificate (PUC) online within minutes by entering the details and get there PUC missions set by the government of a particular country/state. This can help the vehicle owners to get the vehicles PUC within minutes and hassle-free.

The steps are: Online PUC Portal, Dashboard, Verify the parameters , Print the  Certificate


• The coding was done in Eclipse IDE (Java EE module) in order to design and implement the project. The project was divided into three components – Views, Controllers, and Database connection. The views were created using JSP (Java Servlet Page), HTML, and CSS. Each page was created separately and then linked to each other using Controllers. These classes are called Controllers. In these controllers, sessions were stored by using the POST method. These Java classes provided the method to design the flow of process and data in our web application.

• The application is able to fetch the data of the sessions as well as provide the functionality to store the new data. JDBC and hibernate connection are powerful tools to access and link the database with the front end.  


• This project is aimed at developing an Online PUC Portal that is of importance to the government. The system is an Internet based application that can be accessed throughout easily. This system is being developed for the government to maintain and facilitate easy access to information.






This project was successfully implemented with all the features mentioned in system requirements specification. PUC certificate to be generated is important for better environment around us. So, this serves the right purpose in achieving the desired requirements. The Model layer was based on MySQL that was connected using JDBC and Hibernate to the front end which contained Views designed using JSP and CSS. The Controller has servlets stored in it and used HTTP Session Request and POST method. The dynamic web application was tested on Apache Tomcat server .      

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