QUEEN Movie Review

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QUEEN Movie Review :

QUEEN (Release Date-7th March 2014)

                                            (Director-Shivangi Singh)

According to Indian culture, a girl is supposed to get married in her twenties in India it is still followed that getting married is a way of being settled. This movie is based upon the life of a girl who was raised in a very overprotective environment. Her life changes when she gets to know that her fiancé does not want to marry her because he thinks she is not mature enough to be in an environment like this made the girl sad and she took the decision to be independent.

The value I learned from it is that sometimes getting cheated from our very close one’s also gives us the attitude to go ahead in life and show them that you can do whatever they felt you cannot. I got an understanding that a girl should be allowed to stay alone and do whatever possible things to make herself raised to the level of the boy she is getting married to so that the boy cannot have the reason to say anything to you I feel that both the boy and girl should be on the same level so that they cannot make each other feel down in any way.

In this movie, she learned to be independent and live her life the way she wanted. I liked the part in this movie when the girl who had never gone anywhere ever alone gained the courage of going alone meeting new people and because of the new people she met she became very jolly and was able to talk to anyone she met it shows that sometimes the unknown who are only in our life for very less time teach us lot of things in a very small amount of time.

The story ended with a twist that the boy who left her at her wedding came again and proposed her to marry him after seeing her being modern and independent the girl said no as she was enjoying her freedom. This is our full queen movie review, Hope you like it.

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