Raksasa cockroach – cockroach of the sea

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Raksasa cockroach – cockroach of the sea: A new creature has been found offline in the Indian Ocean off the southern coast of West Java, Indonesia, at Bunton.
The team confirmed the discovery of a new species called ‘Bathynomus raksasa’, which is the most popular known as “supergiant” Bathynomus, and has always been described as the “cockroach of the sea”.
While this was a significant breakthrough in the scientific knowledge of the deep sea, the arrival of the rooster caused much excitement due to its magnificent structure. Modern Batinomus is the largest isopod in the genus Batinomus. Large isopods are closely related to ticks, lobsters, and turtles (these are decapods) and are found deep in the Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian Oceans. The sea cockroach has 14 legs, but only uses it to crawl next to a sea bed looking for food. Darth Vader appeared due to the shape of the cockroach head and normal eyes.

Modern Bathynomus is 50 inches (1.6 cm) long, with large isopods, usually no larger than 33 cm. Isopods up to 50 cm are called supergiants. Batinomus Gigantes is the only member of the isopod species that surpasses the Roxa in size, commonly found in the deep waters of the western Atlantic Ocean. Using techniques from shrinkage and texture, the researchers studied 63 sites in two weeks and returned from the deep sea with 12,000 people from jellyfish, sponges, worms, and mollusks, crows, starfish, and urchins. There are 800 species on this voyage, 12 of which are unknown to scientists. To this day, the scientific community is aware of five supergiant species, two of which are found in the West Atlantic.

This is the first history of a race from Indonesia. Like broth, Batinomus eats the remains of dead marine animals such as whales and fish tomorrow but can travel long distances without food, a sign associated with roosters. Raksha loves his work and does not bother others. The sea cockroach is available in large quantities because most deer are indifferent to it. Although some isopods are eaten in parts of East and Southeast Asia, raccoons have very little meat and crustaceans, and humans are unable to eat them.

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