Rakshabandhan Home Decoration: Make your home Festive Ready!

Rakshabandhan is the festival that evokes the true essence of a brother-sister relationship. Raksha is a ‘bond of protection’ that strengthens the cord of sibling relationships. Nowadays, the tradition of joint families is fading away. In search of a better lifestyle and to take their career to new high, families scatter to different cities. It is only during festivities that families come together and celebrate the bond of their love.

The feeling of coming home after a long time cannot be compared with anything. So if you are also welcoming some guests to your home this Rakshabandhan, it is time to give your home a celebratory and festive look.

Celebrations are a part and parcel of each festival. And, decorations form a major part of the festivities. We bring you ideas to decorate and make your home brighter and more beautiful. 


A clutter-free environment at home and areas like the living room is essential to allow positive energy to flow into your house. De-clutter before you begin any repairs. Make sure that the house is clean and dust free, to let the positive energy flow. Next, visualize the effect you want to achieve. Choosing a certain color scheme and theme is a must. Go aesthetic if confused. For instance, you can create a welcoming ambiance in any room with warm tones like yellows, orange, peach, and red. Don’t be afraid to go bold by throwing colors like purple and gold too! Add flowers to the decoration to make it look fresh and gloomy.

Now, let’s get started. Here is a list of decor ideas to make your home truly festive ready!


Very firstly, the main thing that is to be decorated is your pooja room, as Rakhi tying ceremony and Rakhi poojan will be performed there only. Clean your temple thoroughly and make sure that it should be well decorated with full auspicious fragrances of the incense sticks that will infuse the festive vibe to the celebration.

Rakhi Thali
Rakhi Thaali

The Rakhi Thali is the main thing in the festival. On this plate, you need to keep Rakhi, Diya, kumkum, rice, and some sweets for the Rakhi tying ceremony. Try to decorate the rakhi thali on your own.


The first thing that brings the look and feel of festival is a brightened decor. Do away with beige, white and cream and go for red, green, orange, yellow and blue. Vivacious wallpaper patterns can also be put at specific places to create a focal point.

Decor piece
Festive Decor Pieces

In order to give a look and feel of festivity, select the things that speak of celebration such as flowers, lights, wind chimes, etc. A divine idol put as a centerpiece will also attract attention.


Since your relatives are coming home after a long time, make them feel important. The Entrance plays a very important role in any festival. Only is the main door is decorated well, then it will add more charm to your festival. Torans are the ones that you will found almost in all the Hindu festivals and Rakshabandhan is one of them. They are considered as a sweet gesture of welcoming the guests and are also very auspicious to be included in the auspicious festivals.


Rangolis that are drawn at the entrance are of high significance as they have a calming effect on the visitors and will have a soothing effect on their minds. Almost for every festival, making rangoli is needed as it is a pre-requisite and, for Rakshabandhan as well, the main entrances are decorated and made holy by embellishing it will a colorful rangoli. This year, you can make Rangoli with flowers and it will give a whole different look to your decoration that will add warmth to your place.

Flower Rangoli

There are simple and effective ways to decorate the entrance and main door. A grand assortment of rangoli, flower decorations, and lamp arrangements along with colorful garlands and stringing torans on the door, creates a visually pleasing effect. 


Only festive colors and items do not complete your decor. You also need to add a touch of glamour to the house. Bring in some throwaway cushions, rugs, and mismatched drapes to add a tinge of glamorous sophistication. By placing some indoor plants and some fresh flowers; you can get the job done perfectly. Plants will surely brighten up your house instantly and will infuse your personality and add a refreshing touch to your place.

Add vases with fresh flowers in them to attract some colorful vibe to the room and the sweet pleasing aroma of the flowers will make the environment more beautiful for sure. Fairy lights are the best option to go with if you are looking for a way to jazz up your place by balancing the festive look and maintaining the serenity and decency. 

Rakshabandhan Aesthetic Hall


  • Use the things you have with you at your home like vases and get them filled with fresh flowers to decorate different rooms.
  • Try changing the curtains and this will change the whole look of your place.
  • You can set up your place in more traditional way to give it a festive vibe.
  • Decorate your place with your family and siblings’ pictures to surprise them


What can be better than lighting up cherished memories? This is a very happy and emotional way to take a look back at the memories you have spent over the years with your family. This is a beautiful way to transform empty or unused wall spaces as well. Fairy lights are easily available in the market and also, quite affordable.

fairy lights
Fairy Lights

String up rows of fairy lights, ensure there is ample space between points. Then, print out some beloved pictures of your family and friends. Stick or clip on the pictures in between the lights and watch your memories come aglow! You can do this in any room, especially the living room. Or make it a focal point of interest in the dining room. And here you are all set for celebrating RAKSHABANDHAN with your beloved ones.

Set up your decor for a complete lively one and show your decor talent to the relatives and guests, this Rakshabandhan.

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