Ram Mandir Construction – No Iron Will be Used

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Ram Mandir Construction – No Iron Will be Used: The Ram Mandir Janmabhoomi Trust, which is responsible for the construction of the Ram Mandir in Ayodhya, met in New Delhi on Thursday to discuss the minutes of the process and said the temple would be built according to the ancient and traditional architectural methods in India.

Trustees announced that construction of the Shri Ram Janbhoomi Mandir has started and engineers are now testing the soil health in the mandir area.

The Trust tweeted, “Engineers from CBRI Roorkee, IIT Madras along with L&T are now testing the soil at the mandir site. The construction work is expected to finish in 36-40 months, The Mandir will be built by adhering to India’s ancient and traditional construction techniques. It will also be built to sustain earthquakes, storms and other natural calamities. Iron won’t be used in the construction of the Mandir” 

Trust for Lord Ram appealed to devotees to donate brass, “For Mandir construction, copper plates will be used to fuse stone blocks with each other. The plates should be 18 inches long, 30 mm wide & 3 mm in depth.10,000 such plates may be required in total structure. Donors can engrave family names, place of origin, or their community temples’ names on these plates. This way, the copper plates will not only symbolize the unity of this country but also be a testament to the entire country’s contribution towards Mandir construction”


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