Relation Between Harshad Mehta and Ashwin Mehta

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How was the relation Between Harshad Mehta and Ashwin Mehta.

Harshad Mehta was a stockbroker. Ashwin Mehta was Harshad Mehta’s brother and partner in their firm GrowMore.

From the web series SCAM 1992 – The Harshad Mehta Story. We saw how supportive and loyal was Ashwin to his brother.

He never left Harshad alone. He was always there by his side holding his back to support him in all his decisions.

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Though sometimes Harshad took some awful decisions. But Ashwin never left him alone.

Harshad Mehta and Ashwin Mehta

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Their relations, unity, togetherness were like modern day Ram and Laxman.

Ashwin studied law to support his brother and his firm GrowMore.

Harshad’s brother, Ashwin Mehta, pursued a degree in law in his mid-50s. He is a busy lawyer practicing in Mumbai High Court and Supreme Court. He fought several court cases single-handedly and paid nearly ₹1,700 crore to banks to clear his brother’s name.

After Harshad passed away. Ashwin fought for him in the court all alone cleared all his brother dues. So that in the future no one can raise finger against his brother.

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This is a true love between two brothers.

From raising initial funds of Rs. 4.5 lakh to start GrowMore, till the end and even now Ashwin shows his love and support for his brother.

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After watching the web series do you think Harshad was guilty, what are your views on it? do comment.

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