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Robot Mannequin provide Sanitizers: Saree wrapped robot mannequin to provide sanitizers to customers. Shared on Twitter, the clip has garnered over 32,000 views and prompted several reactions among netizens, including industrialist Harsh Goenka. “Two-in-one: She models for the saris and provides sanitizers,” he tweeted. Checkout video below

“Technology put to right use at one of the textile showrooms in TN. An automated mannequin draped in saree detects customers around and walks to them to provide sanitizers.

Hence due to the COVID19 pandemic each and every citizen is worried about their hygiene. Tamil Nadu tried a creative way to show this safety purpose by developing a robot mannequin to ensure the safety of customers and its staff. Several videos of a saree-clad robot mannequin walking around with a sanitizer in her hand are going viral on social media. In the 44-second clip, the automated robot is seen going around the shop and offering sanitizer to the customers.


The twitter post was shared by too many people with so many views. Technology has put a great initiative in textile industries.

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