Second dangerous disease reaches the US from China, bubonic plague bacteria

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Bubonic plague: There is bad news of the world fighting coronavirus. After China, the bubonic squirrel is now found in Colorado, USA. After the corona from China, American scientists now fear that bubonic plague will spread in the USA

The bubonic disease was reported about 10 days ago in China and Mongolia. The bubonic plague struck the earth three times. The first was 5 crores, the second was a third of Europeans, and the third 80,000 people died. Now there is news from China and the United States that the disease is spreading in ten days.

On July 11, a bubonic trailer was discovered in the American city of Morrison, Colorado. In Colorado, authorities have urged people to be vigilant. Also, the Navy were asked to stay home.

The bubonic disease is spread by viruses found in mice. This bacterium is called the Yersinia pestis bacterium. These bacteria attack the lymph nodes, blood, and lungs of the body. This causes the fingers to turn black and rot. The same thing happens with the nose.

bubonic plague symptoms
bubonic plague

The bubonic disease is also known as gilt wall disease. There is unbearable pain in the body, high fever. The pulse starts to move faster. In two or three days, the gills will start to come out. This disease can take up to 14 days to heal. After this, the pain in the body starts subsidizing.

Bubonic blaze first appears in mice. After the rats die, the germs of the disease enter the human body through flies. After this, when flies bite people, it releases fluids into the human bloodstream. After this, the person begins to get sick. The disease spread to humans two to three weeks after the rats began to die.

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