Slice Super Card Know the Benefits, Charges, Features My Honest Experience 2022 Review

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Hey folks, Today we are going to learn about Slice Super Card. Slice Card is like a credit card, but not a credit card. It is pay later card. Moreover, I’m going to share my personal experience using the card.

Difference Between Credit Card and PayLater Card?

A credit card comes with a 45 days payback period. Whereas PayLater Card Like Slice comes with 3 months payment time. For example, if you spend Rs. 100 using the credit card you’ve to pay the entire amount in the next payment cycle. But, if you spend Rs.100 using a PayLater card the amount will be divided into 3 EMIs of Rs. 33.33/month without paying any additional charges. As a result, Slice is similar to credit cards, but they are PayLater cards.

My Honest Experience with the Card

I’ve been using slice card for months and honestly, I didn’t face any problem yet. Furthermore, It gives me the flexibility of repaying my bills in 3 months’ tenure without any additional charge. Moreover, the only problem I have is the bill repayment date is 5th of every month and I get my stipend on 10th of every month. So if the due date moves to 15th to 20th of every month it will help me. Overall, I have a good experience using the card. Also, Read Why You Should Not Take Kotak 811 Dream Different Credit Card |My Worst Experience| 2021 Review.

Slice Super Pay Card Promocode?

While signing in Use promocode SLPY268031 and get Rs.300 on signup. Or use this link to download slice pay.

What is Slice Card?

Slice is similar to a credit card which provides its users with the flexibility of paying their bills in 3 monthly EMIs without any extra cost. Whereas users get discount coupons for the different brands every week. One of the major advantages that slice provides is, Users, can transfer money into their Paytm wallet and bank accounts.

Is Slice Card Safe To Use?

Yes, Slice Card is completely safe to use. All personal information is encrypted. SlicePay has secured “(Non-Banking Financial Company) NBFC licensefrom the Reserve Bank of India.

What is Slice Card Eligibility?

According to SlicePay, everyone is eligible for a SlicePay card without having any prior credit score. Moreover, there are my friends. Slice rejected their application.

What is SlicePay Card Limit?

SlicePay card limit starts from as low as Rs.2000 to a maximum of Rs.10 lakh. Moreover, if you have a good credit score your credit limit will be dependent on that. Furthermore, if you pay all the dues on time, the limits will be increased.

What are Slice Pay Card Charges?

Firstly, there are no joining fees and annual charges. Secondly, if you do not pay bills on time then you will have to pay a penalty. It is a lifetime free card.

Slice Card Benefits

  • Slice Card can be used to make purchase all over the places.
  • Users get upto 2% cashback on all the transactions made with the Slice Super Card.
  • Using slice card users can split bills with family and friends.
  • Users can split bills for a period of 3 months without paying and extra charge.
  • Slice users can withdraw money from card into their bank account or paytm wallet.

What are Monies in Slice Super Card?

Slice Super Card user gets 1 monies for every Re.1 spent using the card. Furthermore, users can convert monies into cash and it can be used to pay slicepay bill.

What is Slice Card Payment Cycle?

The Slice card bill is generated on the 1st of every month. And you’ve to pay the bill by 5th of every month. Whenever the bill is generated you’ll get an option of splitting the bill into 3 months tenure.

Can I Pay Slice Card Bill using Cred?

No, you cannot pay Slice card bills using Cred. Cred is used to pay credit card bills. But Slice is not a credit card it is a paylater card as mentioned above. Do read more about slice.

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