Social and Environmental Impact of Engineering Solutions

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Social and Environmental Impact of Engineering Solutions: Engineering solutions have always had a huge impact on society. In some cases, the effect is positive, such as transportation, Communication, Etc. While it also has a negative impact such as pollution, global warming, ozone layer depletion, etc.

Conventional Energy Sources

What are the Conventional Energy Resources? - A Plus Topper
  1. Conventional energy source based on coal, gas, and oil
  2. helpful for the improvement in the economy of a country
  3. these resources have a bad impact on the environment
  4. Forced us to think about renewable energy resources.

Renewable Energy Resources

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Renewable Energy
  1. The social, environmental, and economical problems of conventional energy resources can be omitted by the use of renewable energy sources
  2. considered as environment-friendly, having no or little emission of exhaust and poisonous
  3. can use these resources again and again to produce useful energy

Social Impacts

Social impacts assessment for different renewable energy sources

Table 1

Economic Impacts

  1. utilize local labor from rural areas
  2. local material and business
  3. as the ratio of people working in different companies increase; create more jobs for others by using the part of their economy for entertainment, leisure, restaurant, etc.
  4. services of local banks
  5. Biofuel projects created a large number of jobs
  6. low jobs created by solar power plants
  7. consumers will be provided with electric power at a low cost as compared to that of conventional energy sources

Environmental Impacts

  1. The two main aspects of the environment are air and water pollution
  2. Water Pollution is due to discharged water from houses, industries, and
  3. polluted rain and discharge of used oils and liquids contains poisonous chemicals and heavy metals like mercury, lead, etc.
  4. Air Pollution is caused by the release of poisonous greenhouse
  5. Water pollution, greenhouse effect, and air pollution can be mitigated by the
  6. proper usage of renewable energy sources

Summary of environmental effects

Table 2

Social and Environmental Impact of Engineering Solutions: Negative Impacts

  1. The major problem with the solar system is the high investment and maintenance cost.
  2. Noise production and unpleasant smell are the negative impacts of Biomass Energy Plants.
  3. Fuel cells have slow implementation because of their high cost of plant construction and energy generation.
  4. In hydropower plants, the major sociopolitical problem is the shifting of the people from the areas where the plant is going to be constructed.

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