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Whether you are thinking of starting to prepare for the IAS, or have already started, logging in both cases need to know “what it really is.” What you want to do also find out where you want to go, if you know about its character and find out you are familiar with the map of its journey, it becomes easier for you reach your desired goal. IAS assessments with successful adolescents are discussed much earlier than other tests nationwide. There are engineering, health and CAF intervention exams
All of these are India-level tests and their environment is also low. Success in this is not easy task. But the upper class remains limited to their city and for some time even in advertisingeducational institutions. How many names of IIT and IIM topper can you remember right now? And what if I did asking the same question about top IAS… assistants?

From the moment you start preparing for IAS exams, from there you become the center of aspiration for the people of your area and your colony (especially in small towns and villages). But hurry up when you set up your own foot on the list of top players, he quickly becomes a star. And if you are among the first ten, then you become a big star. Newspapers and the media will catch you. You become one of the best courses on YouTube. People begin to look at you with sharp eyes.

The youth of the world he longs to hear from you. Why it happens in the case of IAS and not in the case of others when the social contribution of others more than this? The answer lies in the idea of ​​planets and satellites in the solar system. IAS is a star in itself, which has its own light. No one may waive the rights and protections granted to him or her constitution and laws, as long as he continues to go the way set for him and does not wander from that path (dignity). Not so much for others. In the private sector, the light of others (theirs) is illuminated downers), as the month. Once you start doing your thing, you will have to pass along and arduous struggle to produce light within you, as well-respected businessmen like Narayana Murthy.

However, there is no guarantee that your hard work and struggle will be able to deliver color, except that there is the earth on the other side of the sky. What happens to IAS? Certainly not this. Once you become an IAS, the senior category the struggle is over. She has been declared an ‘elephant’ by the community, an expression of who she is. He often apologizes for the hurtful saying, “Even a dead elephant costs quarter millions. “The figure ‘half a million’ comes from decades ago of better understanding. In the next article, we will try to know what it is about preparing for the IAS exam.

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