Steps To Host A Site

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Every website should be hosted. So it is necessary to know “how to host a site”.

Learning of hosting a site is straight forward. Hosting means to lives the site on the server. So that it can access the internet.

No matter which type of site you are creating. Hosting a site is pretty easy, if u follows the following steps.

Step 1:  First findout which type of site do you want and then make it in a efficient way.

Site are are of 2 type: 1. Static and second one is dynamic website.

Step 2:  Now select the server provider.

Depending on your comfort select one of the hosting, 1. Linux hosting and windows hosting.

Step 3:  Now Select which plan are you thinking.

You will find a large range of services in web hosting like shared hosting, vps hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting.

Step4:  change your DNS address.

After purchase of web hosting.  You will get the DNS address.  Now change your DNS address to give address.  So that it can be visible to internet.

Step 5:  Not upload your site.

Upload all the files to the site.

Step 6:  update it daily.

Step7:  and always maintain the site.

So, above are the steps for the easiest way to host the site. Now your website is live.

1) it takes minimum 1 month to rank on google.

2) It takes minimum 3-4 month to rank on 1st -2nd page

3) It takes minimum 6 month to earn from AdSense

4) It takes minimum 1 year to get settled on blog and after 1.5 – 2 years if you are consistent you can earn minimum $1000 per month

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