Superior Lord Vishnu Dashavtar and Darwin’s Theory Of Evolution

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How did life begin on earth? How did species evolve? Vishnu & Darwin’s theory

Charles Darwin’s theory is one of the most widely accepted scientific theories on evolution. He talked about how fit species survived, adapted to the changing conditions and evolved from primitive organisms to human beings. Would it be surprising if we tell you that this was indicted much earlier in ancient texts via Vishnu’s Dashavatar?

According to Darwin’s theory, life began in the ocean since water is the most important ingredient for sustaining life. Vishnu’s first avatar, Mastya which was a fish indicating that life form could have started in an ocean.

Darwin then said that the species slowly began to come out of water. Kurma (Tortoise), Vishnu’s second avatar was an amphibian which can live on both land and water.

The next logical step in evolution is the ability to travel on the ground. So, species started developing legs. Varaha (Boar), the third form taken by Vishnu indicates the creation which has legs and can travel on land..

Following animals and primitive mammals, Important milestone in evolution was the concept of homo sapiens or human beings.

Narsimha, the fourth avatar of Vishnu, was a half man, half lion, which indicates evolution slowly going towards human beings.

The fifth avatar of Vishnu, Vamana was a dwarfed human being, very similar to short Neanderthal humans who were comparatively shorter than the Homo Sapiens humans.

According to Darwin’s theory, finally the evolution of a fully grown up man happened, which is indicated by Parshuram. Vishnu’s sixth avatar who was a fully evolved man in all aspects.

Sanathan dharma’s science of evolution can did not stop at Human’s. It also went a step ahead to show how even within human beings, evolution can happen through Rama and Krishna avatars.

Our Sages and Saints thought beyond and gave us most complex theories in the form of stories that could be easily understood by every common man.

"Indeed, the Hindus were..... Darwinians centuries before the birth of Darwin, and evolutionists centuries before the doctrine of evolution had been accepted by the Huxleys of our time, and before any word like evolution existed in any language of the world."

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