Supreme Court Says To Conduct Final Year Exams

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Supreme Court verdict To Conduct Final Year Exams

University Grants Commission had asked all universities and colleges to conduct their final year exams before September 30, 2020

States cannot promote final year students without holding final year exams.

There can be extensions in the examination dates after September 30 if the state government says that it is not possible to hold exams.

Exams can be postponed to later dates but it wont be cancelled says Supreme Court.

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The Supreme Court has upheld the University Grants Commission’s position that “there will be no degrees without exam,” says Amit Khare, secretary of higher education, ministry of education on Friday.

Uday Samant said Maharashtra will not file a review petition on the SC order and instead focus on preparations to conduct examinations.

Supreme Court rules that final year examinations for college/ university students have to be held. But states under the Disaster Management Act can postpone the exams.

The UGC’s revised guidelines of July 6, 2020 stated that “In view of the emerging situation related to COVID’19 pandemic in India, it is important to safeguard the principal of health, safety, fair and equal opportunity for students. At the same time, it is very crucial to ensure academic credibility, career opportunities and future progress of students globally.

Academic evaluation of students is a very important milestone in any education system,” and asked colleges and universities to complete the examinations by the end of September, 2020 in offline (pen and paper)/ online/ blended (online + offline) mode following the prescribed protocols/ guidelines related to COVID-19 pandemic.

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Students will get ample time to prepare for the exams, schedule for the examinations will be provided within a week.

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