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The movie taare zameen par in Bollywood is one of the most beautiful and motivating movies. It concentrates on the life of a day dreaming child and the dreams that he wants to live and not that life that the society wants to make him live.

The main illustrations in the movie is that it tends to teach the children and their parents  that everyone is unique in their own way. People will not likely understand you, maybe the parents too and that is what it is indicated in the movie. Every student is unique and has different potential.

A student’s potential is nurtured if he is properly encouraged. In the case of Ishaan, his potential was identified by the teacher, Ram Shankar Nikumbh. Before Ram Shankar Nikumbh joined the boarding school, Ishaan was under the state of fear and depression. The interests of every individual are different and they tend to chase their interests which will make the work in which we are working more fruitful and enjoyable. The people assume that achieving marks in the test and the exams is the only key to become successful. They tend to think like only exams are the way to gain money and reputation in society and if some children have siblings then the parents expect the child to do the same thing which the elder one is doing.

The teacher’s role in the life of a student is very important and should head it towards the right way and never discourage the student, in fact, invoke the hidden talents and interests of the students. The learning process should be made fun. Disabilities of the children can be overcome by the support and of the society and most importantly the family should support the child.

Imposing child for something that he doesn’t like has a negative impact on the health and abilities of the child. Great results are produced when child’s potential is identified, mentored and the passion is pursued. It keeps the child happy and healthy. At boarding schools, students are given enough time to pursue their passion besides the academics. In Taare Zameen Par, when Ishaan starts pursuing his passion, he becomes the happiest child. (Credits: Vinay Kundu)

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