The cheapest way to make a website under RS. 500 (8$) – 2020

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The cheapest way to make a website under RS. 500 (8$) – 2020: Today we can see everything available to us just a swipe away be it news, shopping, gaming, learning, and many more things. Many people want to build there own website to serve people and also earn money by it.

The importance of having a website build by own is very much required in today’s time. which enables you to be able to handle front-end as well as back-end. Today Full Stack developers are the most demanded programmers in the market. Building a website from scratch can be complicated for beginners, so here we bring you how to build a website and host it at a very cheap price ( Under Rs. 500 (8$) ).


What is a domain: It is an identity of you or your organization over internet, where people can find you and know you by that name. A domain name play a very important role in making a succesful website. First decide a domain name which is attractive and not used. The domain can be any highly used .com, .in, .co, .uk, .org, .online, etc. Once you are sure with the domain name, next step is to register it with a trusted domain provider at lowest rate possible.

The best reliable and cost-effective site for registering a domain is Hostinger. The prices start at Rs. 75 (1$), which is very cheap and easy for beginners and the people who want to only learn.

Hostinger: Reset passwords after hacking attack

After buying the website successfully, it will take up to 2 hours to configure DNS. You can also buy hosting through hostinger, but there are hosting providers at cheaper rates. Make sure your domain is working, after it’s live you can start the hosting part.


Hosting is just like how we store files, pictures, videos, etc on our local storage like sd card, HDD, SDD, or even cloud storage. It stores the data on your website, all the pages, images, comments, etc. It also provides your website the processing power, this is very important, even for a cheap budget, we will be suggesting a website which will give you a very fast server at a very cheap price.

Make sure you buy SSL certificate and Software installer with hosting, in our case this both are included so no need to worry.

The most cost-effective and speedy hosting provider we have found after a month of research is Onohosting. This is the best hosting provider where prices start at as low as Rs. 200/ year (<3$) or Rs. 30/month (<0.5$).

We suggest buying Rs. 500 (<8$) plan at least for a very speedy and a good storage plan. You can use the Coupon Code “STAYSAFECOVID19” for 20% OFF instantly. Click Here to Buy: Onohosting

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After Buying a hosting plan you need to configure the server names at the Domain name provider, in our case it is Hostinger.

For Hostinger, login to your Hostinger Account.

Click on Manage
Insert the nameservers and update.

Now wait for 2hours to get the DNS update, once you can see your website live, the designing part of your website can be started.


Once the domain and hosting are done, you can start designing your website according to your own. If you want to code it by yourself, you can directly place the files to the file manager on Cpanel. But if you don’t know how to program, do not worry, you can install many themes and website builder from the Cpanel and make your website look according to you.

We hope this information truly makes you feel positive to make your own website. All the best, for any help you can contact their customer care or reach out to us to get help. We would like to inform you this can be helpful for websites for daily traffic of 5000 users, more than that can slow down the speed, but once you get so many users, you can upgrade your current plan easily

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