The flaws with our education system

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The unheard issues of students and teachers | India

The flaws with the Indian education system | The education system of a country has a very huge impact on the future of a country. Students from various fields contribute to the development of a nation in various sectors. An engineer for technological advancement, a finance expert for better growth of the nation, and many more.

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We can look at our education system just like driving a car. Fuel is the driving force behind the movement of a car. Like this only for driving a student, the fuel is a teacher. Before we focus on students, teachers must be given enough opportunities. Enough guidance, enough engagement with the teachers all over the country. Teachers should be given the opportunity to do new researches, new inventions in their scope of interest.

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Teachers motivation

As a student, we mostly inspire from our teachers. But today the education system has just become a factory with a continuous output of skill-less students. A student in this country must know about the importance of innovation, the importance of solving real-world problems. We just can’t ask students to practice a single pattern again and again and expect an out of box innovation. The better we focus on how any wherever the knowledge of a student can be utilized will determine how well the student will be able to tackle the real problems.

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The issue in our education system | Flaws

In today’s education system, the backbone is only how well the student holds the memory. If you can just remember everything, then you are the best student a teacher can have. But a teacher who is more interested in a child’s growth, not his/her marks growth will focus on how well he/she is able to apply the knowledge.

The better we can apply our knowledge, the better we are in innovation, the better we are able to tackle any problems, provide any solutions to them, we will be headed to a better future of excellence. When we learn anything, we should try to find how will it help us, or I will be able to use that skill in doing something. Sometimes, a peon of our school/colleges may have better knowledge about our subject than us!

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The problem – Flaw in education system

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The government must try to empower students to put the skills they acquire to proper use. Many countries extract natural resources like gold, silver, oil, coal, etc. But most of us forget about a resource that as the country with the second-highest population has, Its people and their skills. Opportunities to explore their skills, learning about what we possess. We must have Knowledge about the way this resource can be and must surely be used.

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    We’re delighted to have you read this message. We’re a group of students who titled ourselves ‘Miracle✨’. We’re an International Student Community that is working on reforming the flawed Education System. After all changes should start with us. We’ve waited for too long for this to happen but no more. It’s in our hands to change to future and we would love to make it better by joining hands with you.

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