The Painter Of My Life

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The Poem “The Painter Of My Life” is dedicated to each and every mother around the globe who paints the life of their children with beautiful colors.

Red eyes of her, remind me of the dreams she once gave up for me, that couldn’t be lived up again,

Pink lips of her, have now turned pale & numb, while I’m staring at them to hear it but she refrain,

Green saree she wore, when I brought in my friends, “you’re so retrogressive”, I said but with a smile she bear everything wihtout a complain,

Blue sky cries too, for my loss of pain. It shatters & yearns to change the moments certain,

Brown eyes of her, Oh pretty eyes! Now looks at me with its shine detain,

White skin of mine has turned so cold, with blood gushing, turning my heart in vain,

My world’s blacked out without you, Oh Mother! Can you come back?

I promise to plant those oranges with you, don’t leave me here Alone!

In the stormy plight of disdain.

By Shruti Mishra

Thanks a lot MOM for being a painter of my life and paint it with beautiful colors

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