Tobacco To Change Its Packaging – Government Orders

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Government Proposes changes to tobacco product packaging and labeling forms.

India is the 2nd largest producer and consumer of Tobacco products. India nearly accounts for nearly 13.5 million deaths every year. Nearly 80 lakh people die every year globally out of which 13.5 lakhs are Indians. The Ministry of Health and Welfare has notified to make amendments to Cigarettes and Tobacco products by changing their packaging and labeling.

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It’s a great concern to reduce the production and consumption of Tobacco products. It affects humans as well as the environment. Smoking causes death through cancer, heart attack, brain strokes, and peripheral vascular disease.


Women smokers are drastically increasing. Women face additional hazards such as problems in pregnancy, female specific cancer such as breast cancer, and cervix. If not taken care women smokers are likely to increase by 25% by the year 2025.

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It also causes various hazards to environment like emission of Green House Gases, and contamination of soil and water. Tons of water is used to make cigarettes, it also causes deforestation as tons of trees are used to make cigarettes.

Talking about India’s data, in Chattisgarh and Pondicherry has shown a declining trend among male smokers and an increase in female smokers.

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