Today In History – 18 August 2020

Today In History – 18 August 2020

Learn what happened today in history around the world including major events across the world!

Year: 1737

First public admittance to the Salon de Paris art exhibition at the Louvre in Paris

Year: 1838

United States Exploring Expedition headed by Charles Wilkes  departs for the Pacific Ocean and Antarctica

Year: 1858

Netherlands & Japan sign trade agreement

Year: 1868

French Astronomer Pierre Janssen discovers helium in solar spectrum during eclipse

Year: 1914

US President Woodrow Wilson issues “Proclamation of Neutrality”

Year: 1917

Dutch Naval Air Force forms (MLD)

Year: 1919

Anti-Cigarette League of America forms in Chicago, Illinois

Year: 1920

22 year old representative Harry T. Burn is deciding vote in Tennessee’s and thus America’s ratification of the 19th Amendment to the constitution allowing women’s suffrage after letter from his mother

Year: 1925

Belgium & US sign treaty about war debts

Year: 1926

Weather map televised for 1st time

Year: 1940

Battle of Britain: The air battle known as “The Hardest Day” occurs; Luftwaffe lose approximately 69 aircraft and the RAF lose 68 in one of the largest ever air battles

Year: 2013

6 people are killed by a bomb blast on a bus in West Bengal, India

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