Today In History – 8 July 2020

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Today In History

Year: 1099

Muslims watch Christian Crusaders march around Jerusalem from within the city.

Year: 1608

Samuel de Champlain established the first French settlement at Quebec.

Year: 1663

Rhode Island is granted a charter guaranteeing freedom of worship from the British crown.

Year: 1686

The Austrians annex Hungary and takes Budapest from the Turks.

Year: 1709

Peter the Great defeats Charles XII at Poltava in Ukraine which ends the Swedish empire.

Year: 1755

Britain breaks diplomatic relations with France as its disputes in the New World intensifies.

Year: 1758

The British attacks on the Fort of Carillon at Ticonderoga, New York, which is foiled by the French.

Year: 1794

French captures Brussels, Belgium.

Year: 1815

After Napoleon gets defeated, Louis XVIII returns to Paris.

Year: 1822

Percy Bysshe Shelley a 29-year old poet, drowns while sailing in Italy.

Year: 1859

The Agreement at Villafranca Austria Surrenders Lombardy to France.

Year: 1865

The conspirators in President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination are hanged in Washington, D.C.

Year: 1879

The first ever ship to use electric lights departs from San Francisco, California.

Year: 1889

Wall street Journal Is published for the first time.

Year: 1905

The small crew of the battleship Potemkin surrenders to Romanian authorities.

Year: 1943

American B-24 bombers strike Japanese controlled Wake Island for the first time ever.

Year: 1960

The Soviet Union charges American pilot Francis Gary Powers with the charges of Spying.

Year: 1979

Voyager-2 Takes first ever photo of the moon of Jupiter, Adrastea.

Year: 1994

Kim Jong-IL Takes office as the supreme leader of North Korea.

Year: 2007

After 42 years, Passenger trains between India and Bangladesh resumes.

Year: 2009

Usa and South Korean Government Websites faces Cyber Attack.

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