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Top 5 Indian Youtubers: Youtube is booming in India, with its growth many YouTubers are giving a serious competition to international YouTubers. This is very significant after T-series passed Pewdiepie to become the biggest youtube channel worldwide. We will be only covering solo content creators, not an organization.

We present to you the top 5 subscribed YouTube channels from top Indian YouTubers.

1. CarryMinati 

CarryMinati returns to the YouTube vs TikTok controversy with rap ...
UPLOAD: 171SUBS: 24.6 MVIEWS: 1,717,482,974
Current Stats

“Duniya _____ thi, _____ hai aur _____ is rahegi”.Currently, Carryminati is the most subscribed individual youtube creator in India. He also has a secondary channel name ” CarryisLive” with over 7.23M Subs. His content is based on roasting, while the second channel is for gaming.

His latest Video:

2. Amit Bhadana 

Amit Bhadana's journey, net worth & all about the YouTuber with ...
Amit Bhadana
UPLOAD: 75SUBS: 21 MVIEWS: 1,649,119,970
Current Stats

“Koi Nahi hai takar me, Kyu padde ho chakar me”. Amit was once the most subscribed individual creator before surpassed by carryminati. He is the first creator to cross the 10M mark on Youtube with a famous race with carryminati. Currently, he is on the second number with a huge difference with carryminati with over 3.6 Million Subs.

His Latest Video:

3. Ashish chanchlani vines

Meet The Real Family Of Ashish Chanchlani | IWMBuzz
Ashish chanchlani
UPLOAD: 136SUBS: 19.9MVIEWS: 2,210,908,068
Current Stats

” Bijli ka bill terra baap bharega”, being one of the most famous lines, ashish is the top 3rd creator on the platform with almost 20M subs. His vines are loved by his fellow subscribers and his video is based on real-life experiences.

His Latest Video:

4. BB Ki Vines

Bb-ki-vines News: Read Latest News & Live Updates on Bb-ki-vines ...
BB ki Vines
UPLOAD: 165SUBS: 18.6MVIEWS: 2,642,054,542
Current Stats

Titu mama & fameer being the most favorite character played by bhuvan, he is currently ranked 4th in the subscriber count after ashish. His videos are a true entertainment for his auidience, he is also a singer, his channel consists of vines and songs sung by him. He has also done short film “Plus Minus”.

His latest video:

5. Technical Guruji 

The story of Technical Guruji who talked his way to the Forbes ...
Technical Guruji
UPLOAD: 3,201SUBS: 18.5MVIDEO: 2,072,541,874
Current Stats

“Chaliye shuru karte hai”. Technical guruji aka Gaurav is currently ranked 5th in the subscriber count in India. His channel is based on technical new, technical video, unboxing, reviews, etc. He also has another channel “Gaurav Chaudhary ” has 3.78 subs as of now.

His latest video:

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