Top 5 Investment Ideas – 2020

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Top 5 Investment Ideas – 2020: We would like to present, the top 5 investment ideas for 2020.

1. Bank fixed deposits (FDs)

Bank deposit is another popular investment tool with a high citizen deposit. Banks often offer higher interest rates than others. For example, a particular FD citizen offers higher interest rates at 80 bps. The special five-year SBI FD offers an interest rate of 6.20%.

2) Post Office National Savings Monthly Income Account (POMIS)

POMIS is a five-year investment with a maximum of Rs 4.5 lakh in sole proprietorship and Rs 9 lakh in the joint venture. POMIS offers an interest rate of 6.6% per month. Accounts opened under the Post Office Monthly Income Scheme will have a five-year party.

3) Annuity plans

Most insurance offers annuity strategies. An annuity is a plan that helps you to earn a regular living wage after earning a large sum. Different insurance providers offer different amounts of money. Compare pre-selection system prices. Also, the insurance provider offers different annuity options where the owner can direct the insurance company to pay the annuity to its partner after the death of the principal owner. Annuity rates vary for all options.

4) Mutual funds

An individual can also invest in a joint venture based on risk interest. After that, set up an SWP or withdrawal system that pays a certain amount to the investor from time to time to get the normal amount. If you have a desire to eat and risk a lot, you can also invest in parts of the fund that will help you grow over time. Retirement time does not have to be temporary. If you want to prolong your life you should be ready for it.

5) PPF ( Public Provident Fund )

PPF is one of the best long term investment plans. With an interest rate of 7.1% approx, it is usually preferred by many citizens. The minimum tenure is 15 years & the maximum is 50 years.

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