UGC tells report on university exams

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UGC tells report on university exams: The University Grants Commission (UGC) today announced that it has received a response from 640 universities on the issue of trial management during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The UGC said, “Universities are close to let you know the status of the exams. There has been a response from 640 universities. Of these, 454 have already conducted the exams or are preparing plans. 177 universities have not yet decided on the exam,”.

Of the 27 independent universities established so far in 2019-20, the first group is eligible for the final examination.

On July 6, the UGC released revised guidelines for assessing final exams in universities and universities in late September, citing student confidence, job opportunities and future student progress exams.
Earlier this week, the Institute, UGC and Delhi University were asked to respond to the court challenge to the challenges required by colleges to conduct end-of-year examinations by the end of September due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

The application was submitted to DU student Kabir Sachdeva, who challenged the July 6 UGC guidelines, which require colleges to conduct end-of-year exams in September – offline, online, or integrated only.

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