USA Presidential elections 2020

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USA Presidential elections 2020

USA Presidential elections 2020: The U.S.A has voted for the presidential election’s that will determine the fate of current President Donald Trump and his opponent Joe Biden. The American election applies to the electoral college system, which has a certain number of college votes per State and is given to the highest number of voters in the province.

The college electoral system creates 51 by-elections, one for every 50 U.S. states One for the nation’s capital, Washington DC. In 48 states and DCs, the candidate who receives the most votes in an election receives the state’s share of the vote. Major states such as California, Texas, and Florida have the largest voters (55, 38, and 29, respectively), while smaller states such as Wyoming, Delaware, and Alaska have only three.


There are 538 voters nationwide and a total of 270 or more are required for a baptized candidate to run for the presidency. If the baptism candidate in the Electoral College does not have the required 270 votes, there are elections with complaints.

This means that the lower house of the United States Congress is voting for the Speaker of the House of Representatives. One vote is given to every representative in each government. They can choose from the three people who get the most votes – a total of 26 candidates for the presidency. Congress is voting for the upper chamber, the Senate, the deputy president, and only the first two candidates are eligible.

Each senator is given one vote and a majority of 51 is required. No president can serve more than two full-time jobs. If they play the role of vice president in the middle of this term, they can mentally ask for a third time – their full term is no more than ten years.

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