VITEEE Cancelled 2020, Direct admission on 12th basis

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VITEEE Cancelled exam for 2020. Vellore Institute of Technology has canceled exams for 2020. VITEEE is the well known and quite tough exams held for engineering entrance, students in 12th std give this exam. This time due to COVID19 situation students are not provided to give this exam.

I have seen every year lot of students dream of going to VITEEE but due to some reason, they don’t get admission over there. Hence this time its a better option. This year for the students who were wishing to give an exam this year. According to my research, some VITEEE is better than some NIT’S so it’s good if you take admission in VITEEE. It is situated in Vellore and in Chennai. So the children who can make up for it will be beneficial.

VIT, Vellore is considerably better than most NITs and comes close to competing with IIT(BHU), IIT Mandi, and IIT Indore. NIT Trichy is the only non-IIT(top 11) college that you can possibly consider over VIT but that then again, there is a catch. … You obviously get a better job offer at VIT than at NITs.

Students who could stay away from their parents for their own betterment should not leave this apportunity. Students will be able to get admission through their 12th board exams.

“Applicants are requested to kindly update their VITEEE applications at the earliest,” it said adding that in case the results of the Board Examination taken are not declared, “they may upload the marks as soon as the results are available.”

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