What if there were no second chances in life?

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What if there were no second chances?

What if “forgive me” was never answered and every
step that you take could be your biggest mistake? It could bend or it could break, that’s the risk that you take!?

We all know that we cannot turn back the clock of time. But what if we never got a chance to rewrite things in our life?

Good or bad, right or wrong, if it’s done it IS done! Once
wood is reduced to sawdust, we cannot make it back into a board. Once today arrives, it becomes too late to live in yesterday.

Despite the fact that none of us can refuse these obvious statements, it is not uncommon that many of us still find ourselves reworking yesterday. And that’s what we always tend to do. We do things, we make mistakes and then we seek for second chances to rewrite them.

Life isn’t about trying, failing and then regretting forever. There is always hope for a second chance.
God helps those who help themselves and second chances would embrace only those who have
the urge to rise from ashes and make their way.

The whole of mankind can be divided into three
categories; those who are immovable, those who are movable and those who “move”. Rarely will
life throw a chance at us more than once to keep moving.

Whether we are ready or not, a chance
we don’t take could mean a chance that won’t come back because life is meant to go on; with or
without us. Sometimes we have to take a leap of faith into the new and trust in fate.

Our past is an “experience”, our present is all about “experiments” and our future is full of

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