What if we could read minds?

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What if we could read minds by Mrinal Bageshwari TCET

That dress is so pretty/tacky “Who goes out every day of the week?”… “What’s that on his face, why the frown?”… “I wish I was her”… “I
wish I were richer”… “Such a pretty face “… “I wish I could tell her how I
feel” …

So, reading people’s mind would flood yours with their thoughts. Would it set you free or would you want to shut it off completely? Would you be able to deal with the truth? This… is worth pondering upon, isn’t it?

You could hear all the ridicule, judgments, jealousy, affection and more. For once letting people read your thoughts would be fine but what if everything you never wanted to hear came to you?

Meandering through the same line of reasoning, none of your secrets remain secrets and none of your plots work as you planned them. Politics makes no sense either. Pricked you a little, didn’t it?

Momentarily, we all have given this a thought. To the world and all its occupants, in the midst of the hullabaloo, there would be the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

A number of relationships would fall apart and many of them would improve too. Communication will be taken to the next level with unaltered truths coming from unexamined minds. This might devastate oversensitive souls.

Some might never return to form. All sorts of crime would skyrocket. Emotions would splay and wars of all sorts and sizes would emerge. Do we still see hope? Would there be advantages?

Much of the assumptions, the speculations and the figuring out would fail. People looking for options in higher studies, life partners, companies for jobs would have more knowledge than they did earlier.

All your intentions, pure and impure ones none will be overlooked. Less virtuous but
more polished ideas but less ethical too. Your ideas might not just be yours.

We all would change, as a person as well as a society. The lost morality would rejuvenate.

Crimes would be stopped even before they took place. You could communicate with everybody you wanted, ignoring all the disabilities with no language barriers at all.

Expressing way more than “What words could ever do… The dance of souls and the plays of mind, with the true-hearted feelings and unfiltered emotions… Wonder how it would be to understand what the just born is thinking of People would understand each other better.

This will also develop their telepathic abilities. Healing for all those broken hearts and disheartened souls and one chance for people to open up. “I want to talk to you.”…“I just need somebody to acknowledge my presence at the moment.”…
“Does anybody care?”… All these thoughts will be heard, making life easier. But this time not just with words but with their thoughts.

Don’t you have to worry about wearing your heart on your sleeves! If you have the right thoughts, you don’t even have to wait till they make it to the tip of your tongue.

But honestly, would you want to give others the power to listen to your innermost voice? Like you’ve always asked for it at some point in time- “I wish they heard, I wish they understood me”. You’ll be letting them cut deeper inside you, letting them hear the actual voices, whispers and also the screams.

So, the BIG question is- Are you ready to face it? Sounds more like the scariest proposition but this will just help you to be more honest with your thoughts and emotions.

Basically, 7 billion people and 14 billion faces will change to 7 billion people and 7 billion faces. Sounds apt, doesn’t it? Are
you ready to let your friend know about how she has spent too much on the dress that just doesn’t fit her well? Are you ready to tell your teacher with a subtle smile on your face that you just don’t agree with him and all you want to do is either pull out his hair or your own? Are you ready to
stand up and by your own thoughts? Are you really ready for this? Wow! This feels so good, I am ready. What about you?

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