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What If by Pranjal Aswani TCET

Those who do not ask questions do not find the answers that baffle the world.

Some certain events occurred millions of years ago which defined life as we know it today.

What if there were some changes to those events? What if that asteroid had not hit Earth? Would we be living with the dinosaurs?

I live in a hostel, away from home. So I don’t get to see the faces of the ones I love or even talk to them as much as I would want to. What if I never see any of them again?

That’s why I go and visit them at every chance that I get, but sometimes it occurs to me that it might not be enough.

That brings me to the second What If that I thought about. Am here, living alone, for a reason.

I feel like that I owe it to my parents as they have worked hard, day and night so that I can study peacefully with all the amenities that a person would require.

I’ve food in my belly, money in my bank, heck even a great WiFi connection. But do I deserve all this? Am I living up to
their expectations?

As you can see in the title, I am learning to code but, What if I was not made for Engineering? What if I was created to serve a different purpose? Like becoming a singer or a professional artist or a tea vendor?

What if I never find out what I actually wanted to do in life? What if I exhaust all the time that I have got right now, my youth, the money, everything, on things that I am not made for? What if when I
die, I have nothing but just one regret… that I had not lived at all?

I think about this and I realize, that on the grandest of scale: I am a mere inhabitant in a far off corner of the land… On a blue speck of dust that is revolving around one of the many (and not the brightest) stars, that is not even in the centre of the galaxy that it is in.

This gives some perspective to me. It tells me that it doesn’t matter what I do or what happens to me, I am not the centre of everything, I am not here on purpose, nobody is, and everybody is going to die someday or the other.

The problem is that we have a limited amount of time (about 4500 weeks) before our soul leaves our body and the body goes back to the soil from which the first living organisms evolved (Technically we evolved from a Bacteria that lived inside the water, but eventually a DNA changed
in it and a part of the species evolved to come and live on the ground and thus we were created!

What if that DNA had never evolved? Would we be living underwater? Would our lives have been like the Disney movie? ). So it’s our responsibility to make that time count.

Create a legacy for future generations to come. Make sure that we pass on the earth to them as it was given to us by our forefathers.

We have to think, to not take it for granted, that we walk straight, communicate and share our feelings. Our ancestors have faced a lot of hardships, not for us to post updates on social media every minute, but to discover the great wonders of the world.

To love our dear ones, to let them know that we do and let no one feel that they are alone here. To spend as much time as we can, doing things that we truly love. To not worry about the tomorrow that is yet to come or the past that we left behind.

But to live the present moment as lively as we can. Because What If this is our last chance?

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