What Is An Abstract

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An abstract is a very concise statement of the major elements of your research project. It states the purpose, methods, and findings of your
research project.

An abstract is a condensed version of a full scientific paper.

Purposes of the Abstract

Provides an overview of the article (readers may read nothing else)

Provides context for those who do read the article.

Helps the reader decide whether to read the article (ie, is
this important to me?)

Provides reminders for readers after they’ve read the

Directs readers’ attention to the highlights of the article.


What is current Scenario?

Why it needs attention?

How will you solve the problem?

Which methods you will use?

What results you are getting?

What is future scope (Optional)?

Where it is applicable?


Define the purpose and scope of the study i.e the question Introduction.

Describe the materials and methods used: Materials and Methods.

Summarize the results.

State the conclusions and their implications i.e Discussion.

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