What To Do If You Miss Your Second Dose of COVID Vaccine?

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Second Dose of COVID Vaccine What To Do If You Miss it? While it is known that the difference between the first and second dose of vaccine differ on the type of vaccine you have been given. Although for Covaxin difference is 28 days and for Covishield it’s four to eight weeks. What if you miss your second COVID vaccine dose? Will there be a problem if you miss your second dose? What if the difference between both COVID doses is more than recommended? Will it be harmful?

COVID Vaccine

As India has stated shortage of vaccines and it is quite difficult to book a slot as vaccines are limited and people are more. Ever since the government has declared the vaccination process to start for 18 plus, getting a vaccine has become a task. In India, there are two vaccines currently Covishield which is said to be more effective, and Covaxin which is 70% effective. Single-dose doesn’t make one strong enough to fight against the COVID vaccine. After COVID vaccine doses it will infect you but will surely offer 100% protection against severe disease, hospitalization, and death. However, this is only after both vaccines are administered.

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The consequence of missing the second dose is that you are not protected. It means if you get infected with the disease it may cause severe issues. Single-dose does not induce strong immunity, it may but only to 30% of the people. for the rest of them, it is dangerous.

However, it is most important to take both the doses and be safe enough to be alive and in less danger. Also, remember even after getting your second dose you are still not protected unless 2 weeks are over.

What happens if I am late to take my second dose of COVID Vaccine?

Sometimes people tend to forget to get their second dose at the scheduled time, however, they get panic. Please understand it is nothing to get panic about just take your second dose as soon as possible.


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