What Women Wants, Carry Minati Reply To Kareena Kapoor

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What Women Wants, Carry Minati Reply To Kareena Kapoor Khan. Carry Minati appeared in Kareena Kapoor Khan’s chat show “What Women Wants.”

Ajey Nagar popularly known as Carry Minati is an Indian YouTuber and Sensation. He is all set to make his Bollywood debut in MayDay with Amitabh Bachchan, Ajay Devgn, Rakul Preet Singh and Angira Dhar.

Carry Minati Kareena Kapoor
What Women Wants, Carry Minati Reply To Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor Khan is the host of the chat show “What Women Wants.” Carry Minati made his appearance.

YouTuber Ajey Nagar replies to all the questions Kareena ask. Below are the questions and Carry’s Answer.

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Q1) Kareena’s Question when you started uploading videos, did you ever thought you would have 27.5 million subscribers?

Carry’s Reply: “Ma’am even I’m in search of the answer. When I was in my 10th grade my goal was to reach 50,000 subscribers by 12th grade. If it happens then I’ll continue with YouTube.
After that, my goal was to reach 100k subscribers and when I surpassed it my only goal was to reach 1 million subscribers. After 1 million my milestones ended”.

Q2) Tell Us About Your YouTube Journey Carry Minati?

Ajey’s Reply: “First I used to record video games and upload and I used to get 1 – 2 views. I used to request my friends to subscribe to my channel. While playing video games I started imitating Sunny Deol’s voice and record funny reactions of the opponents and upload the video.
Fron 2016 I started roasting, I do music, skits and it’s still continuing”.

Insta Id: Carry Minati – Ajey Nagar

Q3) In your video you often insult others, what would you say to those who say you are an online bully?

Ans: “First of all, whenever I roast someone, I take their permission. The person should know that I am making a video on him. If that person is familiar with my content, they have an idea of what to expect, and obviously, if they are not, they can always check out my channel. Until I get permission, I don’t make a video.
Roasting creates a positive impact, The other person is getting fame and an audience to showcase his content.

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Q4) Do you agree with the fact that female content creators face a problem when they read comments on their videos?

Reply: Regardless of gender, every creator faces challenges. When your parents see your video and read bad comments about you, they feel bad and ask you to stop it! Secondly being a male creator I can behave stupidly but female creators just can’t, society has objections to it. In the comment section of female creators, I’ve seen female trolling them.

Q5) When you see offensive comments on your female creator colleagues’ videos, how do you feel?

Ans: I get disturbed. If I would have any super power I would stop rape. It is the worst thing in the world.

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Q6) How do you get views and followers? What is the virality formula?

Ajey’ Ans: If I knew the formula then all my videos would have crossed 100 million views. There is no formula as such. I try to give 100% rather 150% so that later I don’t regret.

Q7) Why your channel name is Carry Minati? What does it mean?

Carry’s Reply: First my channel name was Carry Deol because I used to immitate Sunny Deol’s voice in my videos. Suddenly Carry Minati name came in my mind it doesn’t have any meaning.

Insta Id: Kareena Kapoor Khan – Bebo

Q8) Tell me about the most funny comment on you.

Ajey’s Reply: I was live on Instagram and a boy said me “Bro you are so much Talented, Start your YouTube Channel.” When I was already running my channel since 6 years.

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Q9) Tell me about your most mean comment on you?

Carry’s Reply: People often mistakenly say about me “He is Munna Bhaiya from Mirzapur.” Munna Bhaiya aka Divyendu Sharma and me i.e Ajey Nagar aka Carry Minati looks similar. Sometimes even congratulate me saying “you’ve done good work in Mirzapur”. And I take their congratulations.
Mean comments come but that is so mean that I can’t even talk about it. The good comments come, mean comment comes and this the entire base of social media.

Q 10) What if a girl wants to become a social media influencer, what should be the first move towards her success?

Ajey’s Ans: The best thing a girl can do is to be herself. Try every type of content and make videos in the field you are interested in.

Q11) Do you think India need strict cyber laws or it’s fine as it is?

Carry Minati Ans: I would not like to comment about our cyber laws. My concern is the people who are faceless, who make fake id’s what is their authentication.

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What Women Wants, Carry Minati Reply To Kareena Kapoor

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