WhatsApp gets a new shopping button, check how the feature works

To make shopping easier in the post COVID world, WhatsApp has added a new shopping button on the platform to make it easier for people to discover a business’ catalog so they know what goods or services it offers. Previously, people had to click into the business’ profile to see if the business had a catalog.  

Now, when a person sees a shopping button, it looks like a storefront icon, they immediately realize that the business has a catalog so they can browse products and start a conversation about the item they see with just one tap. This makes it easier for businesses to find their products, which helps boost sales.

While making this announcement on Wednesday afternoon, WhatsApp cited a survey by 76% of adults in India who stated that “it is more likely to do business / buy with a company that can be contacted via messaging than I can”.

whatsapp shopping

“And we want to make the shopping experience even better – especially when people need useful ways to make purchases remotely and when businesses want to shut down sales of digital tools, unlike anything else we are preparing for the holiday shopping season,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

The new shopping button is now available worldwide and will replace the voice call button. To find the voice call button, click on the call button to select a voice or video call.

WhatsApp has recently highlighted its plans to focus more on businesses. The global epidemic has made it clear that businesses need fast and efficient ways to serve and sell to their customers.

“Though there is much more we need to build. For the last two years, we’ve provided the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API to help businesses of all sizes manage their chats. We’ve listened to feedback on what’s worked and believe WhatsApp can help make messaging the best way for consumers and businesses to connect,” it he said.

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