Where is Bhushan Bhatt Now? Scam 1992

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Where is Bhushan Bhatt Now? Scam 1992, where is Harshad Mehta and Bhushan Bhatt Now? Who is Bhushan Bhatt of Scam 1992?

Bhushan Bhatt is Harshad’s younger brother Sudhir Mehta. According to CBI published articles. There were three partners of GrowMore Harshad Mehta, Ashwin Mehta, and Sudhir Mehta.

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Where is Bhushan Bhatt Now?

Bhushan Bhatt aka Sudhir Mehta
Bhushan Bhatt

He is in Jail right now. Yes, you heard it right younger brother of the big bull is in jail. On 7th April 2012 Saturday, CID (Criminal Investigation Department) arrested him.

He has done many scams after 1992. He duped a financial company of Rs. 86 lakh share investment. Mehta was found rigging share price of few companies.

Deputy Superintendent of Police with the CID V S Tikole said that Sudhir Mehta was untraceable since 1997. “We received a tip-off that he would be coming to a hotel in Pune and laid a trap to arrest him on Saturday,” Tikole said.

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According to many online sources, The Mumbai Court ordered the arrest of Sudhir Mehta his cousin Hiten Mehta and Bank officials involved in the scam including Sitaraman and other officials.

The CBI alleged that the bank officers had transferred the funds to Mehta’s account by showing fake transactions of purchase of securities from SBI by preparing forged documents with the help of stockbrokers.

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Harshad Mehta passed away on 31st December 2001 After Harshad passed away. Ashwin Mehta fought for him in the court all alone cleared all his brother dues. So that in the future no one can raise finger against his brother. He fought several court cases single-handedly and paid nearly ₹1,700 crore to banks to clear his brother’s name.

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