Who is Bhushan Bhatt Of Scam 1992? Mystery Revealed

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Who is Bhushan Bhatt Of Scam 1992? Mystery Revealed. Bhushan Bhatt was first seen with Harshad Mehta when he started his new jobber work. As shown in the series Bhushan was Harshad’s partner since he was a jobber to GrowMore and thereafter.

Scam 1992: Story based on a real-life story of a stockbroker Harshad Mehta. The series consists of 10 episodes. If you have watched the entire 10 episodes. Harshad Mehta Passes away on 31st December 2001 due to a heart ailment.

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Harshad Shantilal Mehta was an Indian stockbroker. He was born on 29 July 1965 in the Gujrati family. Popular Magazine ‘Business Today’ called him “The Amitabh Bachchan of the stock market.” The media started calling him “The Big Bull.”

According to many online published articles. There are no traces of Bhushan Bhatt. So Bhatt can be said as a fictional character to spice up the series.

Instead Bhushan played multiple character roles to spice up the series. First as a jobber with Mehta, then Harshad’s partner in GrowMore. According to some CBI related sources.

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There were 3 partners in GrowMore.
1) Harshad Mehta
2) Ashwin Mehta
3) Sudhir Mehta

Mr. Sudhir Mehta

Who is Bhushan Bhatt Of Scam 1992?

Bhushan Bhatt is Harshad Mehta’s younger brother Sudhir Mehta. Mr. Sudhir Mehta was one of the brothers of Harshad which is not shown in the series. Sudhir was a partner in GrowMore, but he was not a jobber with Harshad.

Finally with all the evidences it can be said that, Bhushan Bhatt Is Sudhir Mehta, Harshad’s younger brother.

In the end, Harshad ended up in Jail, not because of Bhushan Bhatt but due to many charges were against him. According to CBI Harshad sold 27 lakh shares worth 300 crores in the open market by making fake companies in the name of his relatives.

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  1. Is Bhushan Bhatt and Ketan Parekh Same?
    NO, Ketan Parekh was a CA during that time and he met Harshad in 1990. But Bhushan and Harshad were together way before 1990.

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