Why there is a Second Wave of Coronavirus in India?

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Why there is a Second Wave of Coronavirus in India?: Coronavirus is seen rapidly spreading all over the world especially in India, it is very difficult for the government to handle such situations. However many cities have lockdown and night curfews. Recently 12.7M have been affected by Covid-19 with 166k deaths in India. The highest rise in cases is in Maharashtra, due to which night curfew from 8pm to 7am has been implemented and also full curfew on weekends. All these steps are taken to break the chain of coronavirus. Covid has rapidly raised after march end, rumors are that covid is more dangerous in summers. However, this virus is worst in every situation no matter cold or hot. The Second Wave of coronavirus has come to India which is more dangerous than earlier.

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Sudden rise in coronavirus has implemented the second wave of Covid-19 which is not only infecting weak but also healthy people. Again lockdown and curfews have been announced to break the chain of Covid-19. Hence, it is also a matter of concern that lockdowns are also a pain as many people can face unemployment and immense loss to many families across India. India is a country where a lot of people earn on daily basis to eat food. The only matter of concern is how this chain can break considering all the negative factors of lockdown too.

When will this Coronavirus Pandemic get over?

Each and everyone in this world is eager to know that when this pandemic will get over. It is so difficult for everyone, especially for small businesses. According to the graph, cases went down in February and March 2021 but now again the graph has increased.

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Why Corona cases spreading more in South-Asis?

Is it even a question to ask, while knowing the answer itself? There will definitely be a sudden rise in coronavirus due to Indian festivals. Where the people are not ready to understand how important it is to follow all precautions and safety rules. However, as matter of fact, one of the most important reasons for rising in covid cases is due to people who celebrated Holi this year knowing how dangerous it could lead to.

Coronavirus spread

The above image is from the Holi celebration in 2021, Mathura, where all rules and regulations were broken, not considering how dangerous it could be. However, this mistake of people has given them the result of increasing covid cases in India. There is still hope and chances that everything goes back to normal, only if every person in this world tries to break the chain.

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