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We know how women are treated in matters of employment and considering their earnings, they’re always treated inferior. We must take some actions and make sure women earn a respectable amount to support themselves as well as their families. Here are some methods in which we think that women can be provided with an earning source.

With an uprising of ‘Go vocal of local’, women can be encouraged to start a small scale factory, requiring only basic skills which can be learned and taught to all the women easily, irrespective of their wealth and age. Production of spices, snacks and pickles is recommended for them.

Women with a touch of art can use their skills to earn a living. Designing vases, picture frames, windows and even working under an interior designer could help them. We all know that most of the hidden talent is found accidentally. With this approach, we can encourage more women to show their skills as well as enable them to earn a living.

Women with basic skills of sewing can also earn a living. People can set up multiple sewing machines, powered by the determination of these women. Many clothing companies, on local as well as global level, can hire such women and provide them with a living.

Many schools have a shortage of teachers. Not only that, but women can also provide education to students in places where they have no structure as such to support a proper school, can use their premises to teach students.

With a rise in COVID-19 situation, the current number of nurses and municipal workers are not sufficient for controlling the situation. The government as well as Private sectors should consider women who are deprived but are ready to work. This way they can earn a living as well as serve the nation.

In such ways, we and the government collectively can generate sectors where we can provide an earning for women all around.

Hope you liked the content for women empowerment.

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