World’s Biggest Vaccination Campaign to Start Today

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World’s Biggest Vaccination Campaign to Start Today: Biggest Vaccination Campaign has started from today (16th January 2021). Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be inaugrating this campaign. For this compaign comprehensive preperation has been done. In our country almost 3006 places will start vaccination campaign. First of all around 1crore health workers and 1crore advance front people will be provided with vaccination. This canpaign will start in the morning 10:30am.

In order to stop coronavirus, vaccination campaign is being start from 16th January 2021. To provide vaccine in our country both of the vaccines transfer was started on Thursday itself. However according to Narendra Modi Ji , this vaccination is the biggest vaccination compaign as it is going to start at the same time at many states.

In this vaccination compaign Two vaccines are to be provided to the people. One now and other after 28 days. According to news every person after providing the first vaccine a card is being provided to the, stating about when they will be given the second vaccine. Along with this a message will be provided to the people informing about their second vaccine.

Hence The Prime Minister also lauded scientists who were involved in the vaccine research. “Today, scientists and those who are involved in vaccine research, deserve special praise. They have been involved in making the vaccine against Corona for the past several months. It usually takes years to make a vaccine. But in such a short time, not one, two Made in India vaccines are ready.

Work is underway on some other vaccines as well,” he said. “I would like to remind you again that it is very important to have two doses of the corona vaccine. Between the first and second doses, a gap of about one month will be there. Only two weeks after the second dose, your body will develop the necessary immunity against the corona,” he added.


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