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I know it’s a violation of laws of gravitation,
But whenever I look at u my heart starts to fly,
The universe is so vast but I see one of its end right in your eyes,
I don’t know what kind of charge you possess but I’m feeling a force of attraction,
Physics may say it’s just gravitation or it could be one of my imagination,
And I start to lose grip on the situation or maybe it’s another law of attraction,
You are like a 200 years old french wine,
You are like the mornings first liquid sunshine,
You are like the trophy of a never-ending game,
You are like the sunshine in cold November rain,
You are like walking the beach on a full moon night,
You are like the gazing into sky at stars twinkling so bright.

Now what I learned from this story is that the moment you gt your love the chances of losing also start. I feel that we should get the proper knowledge of what is love and whether it’s true or not. Read One Sided Love By Riya Tak

You are like a hurricane, There’s calm in your eye I want to love you But I’m getting blown away.

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