Zomato Delivery Guy and Hitesha Controversy The End, Hitesha Exposed.

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Zomato Delivery Guy Controversy The End, Hitesha Exposed. This blog will end all the controversies. The Daily Blog Day team will put an end to Zomato Delivery Guy Controversy.

Zomato delivery boy punches woman, breaks her nose. On Wednesday, a heart-breaking video of Hitesha Chandranee surfed on the internet. Recently, Hitesha Chandranee, a Bengaluru-based content creator and make-up artist posted a video. Furthermore, she posted a video stating that she has been assaulted by a Zomato delivery guy. Evidently, the incident took place on 9th March, where Hitesha faced assault after an argument over a delayed food delivery order.

In the video clip posted on Instagram, the influencer is crying and her nose is bleeding severely. She further alleges that the delivery person forcefully entered her house and abused her, snatched her order, and ran away.

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Signs That Prove Zomato Delivery Guy Is Innocent.

Signs That Prove Zomato Delivery Guy Is Innocent. Hitesha Chandranee alleges that the delivery guy punched her nose. To which the delivery guy responded ” When Hitesha was trying to push my hand away, she accidentally hit herself with her finger ring on the nose, which led to the bleeding.” said Kamaraj the delivery guy.

Hitesha Chandranee Exposed Delivery Boy Controversy Ends

1) Ring wore during the incident

2) Ring wore during the interview

3) Her nose after getting hurt from her ring

Her nose clearly says that it was hurt with a ring and not with a punch one can see the ring cut marks. Or if the injury is not made from her rings. It could be because of her huge fingernails. One can clearly see that the cut mark is from some sharp object. She wears two rings. Secondly replying in a video interview with NDTV Hitesha said “She wears a ring whose edges are blunt and it can’t hurt.” But during the incident which happened on 9th March. She was wearing ring 1 in one of her hands from which she was hurt. In short, she was lying in the interview. Hence lie detected.

Hitesha Finger Nails

If the injury is not from her ring then the injury will be from her long nails.

Injury Lie Detected Influencer Exposed Controversy Ends

Moreover, in the interview with NDTV she shows a small injury on her hand and alleges the delivery guy for the same.

1) Hand During the incident

2) Hand during the interview

So, this clearly indicates that there was no injury on her hand on 9th March and during the interview she showed a small injury. Hence lie detected.

Thereafter, she alleges that “the Zomato guy was very rude and harsh spoken. But the delivery boy claims that the lady used abusive words in Hindi for him. Later in the interview, she accepted that she used such bad words. But it was because of the heat of the moment and due to panic and it was unintentional. Hence she used bad words for the poor delivery guy and wanted the boy to stay calm and not react.

The Delivery boy said. “She (Hitesha) started hitting me with a chappal.” but she declined it and again in the interview, she said there was a shoe stand and for self-defense she used chappal but she did not hit him.

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The Greed, Hitesha Exposed Controversy Ends.

The entire incident that took place was for the greed to get free food. The greed to gain public sympathy, to gain followers on Instagram. And yes she gained around 50,000 followers on Instagram because of this incident. Apart from that, all her medical expenses are bear by Zomato.

The Truth Behind Hitesha Chandranee Lie

The entire incident Proves Hitesha Chandranee is lying. And she has a habit of taking free food from food outlets like Dominos and Pizza Hut as well. Her friend Jasmine Nehra unweils the truth.

Mr. Kamraj was just late by 15 minutes and she created a lot of blunder. Inspite knowing the fact about traffic problem in Bangalore.

Mr. Deepinder Goyal Founder of Zomato Tweet On The Incident.

Parineeti Chopra Tweets on Zomato Delivery Guy controversy

Parineeti Chopra Tweets on Zomato Delivery Guy controversy. Actress Parineeti Chopra took the incident to Twitter. She shows her support towards the delivery guy Mr. Kamraj. Tagging team Zomato on Twitter she asked if she can help in the case.

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